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The "Association des Amis du Patrimoine Médical de Marseille" was founded by Professor Yves BAILLE in 1996. Its aim is to "collect, preserve, highlight, display the cultural, material, medical, pharmaceutical and odontological heritage of Marseilles and open it widely to a public whether expert or not in this field".

The association has already organized several temporary exhibitions and published numerous articles and books on the history of medicine. Since 2001, a number of lectures, open to all, have been a real success.

Besides the information on the activities of the association and particularly those on the lectures, there is a team that livens up this site and whose aim is to provide a certain number of columns with the latest news on a monthly basis :

  • The article of the month  It’s a short text in connection with some aspects of the history of medicine in Marseilles or in Provence.
  • The object of the month It consists in focusing on an instrument used in the past for medical treatment in surgery, pharmacy or odontology and borrowed from the association or from some members’ private collections. The picture showing the instrument comes with a short text in connection with the time of manufacture and user instructions.
  • The photo album will be enhanced with old photos, postcards, documents from archives, references to the history of public health activity in the city.
  • Gems of archives the visitor will find some extracts from medical or administrative texts in connection with day to day incidents as well as reminders of regulations which today have become obsolete.
  • Strolling in the streets of Marseille The local council chose to honor some doctors by giving their names to streets or squares and even to some specific places in the city. The public, more often, knows nothing about those doctors and why they were honored. This is an opportunity to remind us of who they were through a short biography.

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